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It is likely that more biographies have been written about Bowie than any other pop star of his generation. Two more have been published to mark his 50th birthday.

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He has never collaborated on any of them. His joke is that he plans to publish them all under one cover as the ultimate unauthorised biography. In lieu of this, Bowie helpfully offers a handy, back-of-the-envelope sketch of his own life. Bowie has always had stories to tell about himself — not always truthful. In the Seventies, for example, he was fond of likening his early childhood in Brixton to the rites of passage experienced by young bloods on the mean and picaresque streets of Harlem; the truth was that by the time he was six his family had moved to the tree-lined, net-curtain twitching streets of suburban Bromley, and that his early teenage years were stultifyingly uneventful.

The slightly eerie difference between his left and right eyes — the left pupil is so dilated that it resembles a tie-dye Tshirt — was variously attributed to alien origins, schizophrenia or molecular reconstruction through drugs: the prosaic truth is that he was once jabbed in the eye in a school playground argument over a girl. That device allows you in an exaggerated form to display who you are. And I used a lot of those things. It became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Having created this character, to then want to become him was incredibly tempting.

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And I was the first volunteer. And that is an extraordinary situation. A confusing period, he reflects. In the end, the clouds of delusion and the clouds of cocaine were all too much. But I was lucky enough to know somewhere within me that I really was killing myself, and I had to do something drastic to pull myself out of that. I had to stop, which I did. T here is nothing particularly novel in this. The idea that the path of excess leads to wisdom was, of course, a required text for the Sixties. It was certainly no surprise to me that I got old.

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And I spent well into my 20s doing that — just throwing myself wholeheartedly into life at every avenue and seeing what happened. Just getting into situations, and then trying to extricate myself from them as they occurred. Sexual experimentation was a part of that. In any event, it was a cause du scandale which would hardly raise an eyebrow today.

She recently appeared on television accusing him of hypocrisy for having eventually declared himself resolutely heterosexual. The truth is, Bowie suggests, that his bisexuality was merely a phase.

I really had a hunger to experience everything that life had to offer, from the opium den to whatever. I was up there with the best of them. I pushed myself into areas just for experiment and bravado, to see what would happen.

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A s a teenager he was drawn to Buddhism. But so much of what first appealed to me about Buddhism has stayed with me. I wondered if he had encouraged, or discouraged, his son from following the same path. B owie took custody of Joe after the break-up of his marriage in , when Joe was five. Predictably, perhaps, the son could not be more different than the father. But we have just the most wonderful relationship. And one person was all I wanted.

For a while he was in a relationship with a dancer named Melissa Hurley, more than 20 years his junior, but the age difference, he says, was too great.

So I let go of that. Then when I met Iman it was just so instantaneous. It was really one of those overnight things.

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T hey married in Florence in in the modern style, attended by just a few close friends and a team from Hello! And a real pleasure to be with from that point of view.

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He was pretty up and down. In the studio an engineer cranks out the songs at full volume. And ever since then, Bowie has been one step behind. Bowie acknowledges that the mid-Eighties was the lowest point in his career. Do what makes you happy. Critics were hostile, audiences bemused. Record sales negligible. It helped me, I feel, to recover as an artist. This will lead to a stage production for the Salzburg Festival in the year , to be produced by Robert Wilson. Now he thinks, who cares? We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

Visit our adblocking instructions page. Ziggy was excited to be among his peers daily and looked forward to the social interaction. School gave Ziggy more knowledge and confidence in putting words that he could verbalize onto paper. Words became sentences, sentences became paragraphs, and paragraphs became stories. Ziggy would dramatically act out his stories as he and his sister Zai would play together. Often, Zai would follow Ziggy's lead as he would give her the details of the story word for word, instructing her on what he needed her to say. He would also draw pictures to help her understand.

He was the writer, director, and lead in every story he wrote! This story highlights Ziggy's strength, a gift for entertainment, and was published as encouragement for other children and adults who are on a cancer journey. In spite of his health condition, Ziggy never lost focus on the things he wanted to do during his lifetime. Read more Read less. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. July 29, - Published on Amazon.