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I was expecting more of an historical storyline, or a storyline about the Templars, but that is my problem, not that of the author or anyone else. This, rather than being a launching point for a tale sof mystery and suspense of Templars, Crusaders, prophecies and re-incarnation or whatever turned out to be pretty irrelevant, despite the next section with the time frame of the Third Crusade of The opening sortie of the Crusade time-scape told us how the Holy Lance of Longinus ended up in the possession of the von Hartilius family.

This was the only connection to the Templars in the whole plot. End of his story…. We meet the opportunist SS thug Eberhard and his cohort of young HJ boys left to defend Berlin as the Russian tanks roll forever nearer. The beautiful couple, like something out a glossy mag, Wehrmacht Colonel Johannes von Hartilius, Baron sanct Quirinus and his glamorous test pilot wife Inge are detailed by Hitler to take a briefcase containing the Lance and some Very Important Papers out of Berlin to an aristocratic chemist Nazi in Bavaria. It ends badly of course.

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The first half of the book switches back and forth between John Hart and Amira in and Inge and Johannes in I found the chopping around a bit unnecessary and irritating, but the chapters were short, and it was easy enough to remember where the other thread had been left to pick it up. I found the first half of book sketchy in detailing the history of the medieval time-scape, although other detailing was not neglected.

Gory details of the sex and violence in every period was never neglected or skimped upon. That said, the sense of place- Syria, Berlin, Antigua, Bavaria is good, perhaps because it seems effortless and casual. It was one of the best things about the book for this reader. The story changed gear in the second half where it was more continuous without hopping about between time periods except by anecdote of living memory, which worked better as a storytelling device.

Frau Erlichmann is not only the epoxy that holds the story and plot together, as a character she is a comfort and relief from the at times relentless sex and violence. From here on in it became more of a ripping yarn both bodice and body parts. The theme came in as whether people are products of their genes or not, or whether they have genetic memories, or whether people are predestined to be good or evil. What this had to do with the Templars, however, was unclear. There is Effi, so beautiful, so evil, Hart seems incapable of believing the concept that the face of evil can take the form of the seductive angel.

I found this a bit unlikely going by all his experience presumably as a war photographer and his own experience of life. There were some nice pieces of symbolism and irony. It was as if Hart wanted to crawl inside her skin.

The Templar Prophecy

Which I found to be strange turn of the plot leading nowhere practically or symbolically. It should have been symbolic in some way, but as the lance of Longinus was supposed to have been he spear that pierced the side of Christ, it was a bit weird to use it in this way as a piece of gratuitous violence by the fascist thug Udo Zirkeler on the crucified guardian. Why would he do that when he would have known the significance of the lance to the Lanzen Bruderschaft?

That escaped this reader, if there was a reason why apart from Zirkeler being a psychopath he would invoke this symbolism in this way, and not show the respect that the thing seemed to be about in the canon of the movement to which he subscribed. Myabe I missed the point. We had another such potentially symbolic spearing earlier in the novel, which one might have noted as significant in the plot or trope. Maybe in the hinted at trope of reincarnation it was a kind of revenge action, but maybe that would just be reading too much into it. So, as the end draws nigh, the momentum builds like an action movie.

One wonders if the author had one eye on the screenplay all the way through, actually. The round up and finale was a disappointment. It could not be called a twist. I found it a bit of a stretch to think that the original ex Knight Templar and guardian of the lance, Baron Sanct Quirin in CE would take the trouble to warn his descendants against extra marital affairs.

The voice of the woman Effi may or not be a re-incarnation of the woman with whom the ex Templar screwed, destined to repeat the events of their past lives? I thought it was a bit late to bring in this Deus ex machina, and a bit lame. Never the less, the novel is what it is.

Literature it is not. A ripping good yarn, and a good, undemanding read taken at page value. I do not think, on reflection , there are any hidden depths in it, plot-wise or character-wise. Then I could be totally wrong and have missed the point. Aug 13, Merima Smajic rated it liked it Shelves: audio-book , historical-fiction , thriller , time-lapse-narratives. I'm inspired to write an open letter to the author. He had me rooting for the young nazi couple at the beginning but then some extraordinary shallow choices and naive thinking by the main character Hart and oh did I mention the unnecessary descriptions of human intimacy bordering on soft porn made this promising book by a clearly talented author a hard to get through read.

Or in my case listen as it was in audio book form. Jan 23, Barry rated it liked it. More interesting than a good read Reads as if translated, seemingly well researched but I didn't care for any of the characters.

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Won't be reading the rest f the series, worth giving a try if the subject interests you. Perhaps it s just a style that jars with me. Mar 13, Louis rated it really liked it.


This was a nice easy read and reasonably predictable story line, but I thought the characters were strong and it was cleverly entwined with history. I am sure I will read more of the series. May 24, Will rated it it was ok. About halfway through this goes from being a mildly intriguing story to not much more that soft core porn. The end was quite exciting though. This is just the type of book that I like, or so I thought from the cover but this is a prime example of not using that method of judging. Having completed the book, Im at a complete loss as to how the Lance of Destiny is even relevant.

The bumph on the cover states "the secret of the Lance is more terrifying than he John Hart could ever have imagined. On a positive note page 75 contains for me, This is just the type of book that I like, or so I thought from the cover but this is a prime example of not using that method of judging. On a positive note page 75 contains for me, the most poorly drafted sentence Ive ever had the pleasure of reading. I think what the author was trying to say was describing a war-torn Berlin from the air "so many buildings had been destroyed, the streets were prominent" - this is how he mangled it - "The fretwork of streets below them was thrown into even greater prominence by the retreat into rubble of the edifices and shop fronts that had once overlooked them.

Nazis, Templars, Conspiracy and a connection to the Spear that pierced Christ were used to sell this book. The office of advertising standards should be called in 'cause this book doesnt deal with any of those issues, apart from mentioning them almost in passing.

And can someone please tell me where the kid appears from out of the wreckage of the plane?? It seems his mother left him in the undercarraige while she visited Hitler or at least thats whats implied.

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Bizarre, bizarre, bizarre. Ill have to read one of Mario Readings earlier books just to see how he was initially published because this wouldnt have seen the light of day had it been his first. Oh and one last thing - have a thesaurus ready - the author clearly did when he wrote the book. Sorry guys, this one isnt worth the time. I gave it two stars because its well produced and moves at a pace and when the female character Amira was beaten up I cheered - not quite the reaction I think Im supposed to have had but she was such an uptight, reactionary, annoyingly feminist contradiction, shutting her up deserved a star!

Feb 20, Jo Barton rated it really liked it. This fast action story starts in with an explanation of how the Holy Lance, a revered Christian symbol was entrusted to a Knight Templar, Johannes von Hartelius and subsequently into his family's safekeeping in perpetuity.

Moving swiftly to and the last days of the Reich in Germany, Adolph Hitler entrusts a special package to two of his most trusted supporters, a package they must protect to the death. In the present day, intrepid photo journalist, John Hart finds himself caught up in This fast action story starts in with an explanation of how the Holy Lance, a revered Christian symbol was entrusted to a Knight Templar, Johannes von Hartelius and subsequently into his family's safekeeping in perpetuity. In the present day, intrepid photo journalist, John Hart finds himself caught up in a series of violent and catastrophic events which shatter his belief in everything he once felt was true.

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The Templar Prophecy gets off to a good start; the historical opening of the story is credible although I would have liked to know a little more about the Holy Lance in this initial phase of its journey and of the Knight Templar who to some extent forms the basis of the story. As time moves forward to and the present day, the malevolent aspect of the narrative really starts to come alive and the action becomes fast , furious and not without moments of extreme violence.

The historical strands start to coalesce and it soon becomes obvious that modern day protagonist, John Hart, has some link with the past, and the violent death of a member of his family is just the catalyst he needs to fulfil his destiny. Overall, I really enjoyed this story, and found it to be a real page turner. The writer has a great sense of time and place.

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His ability to control the narrative whilst maintaining the integrity of the story and the rapid pace of the action is commendable. As with all fast action thrillers, there are times when you have to suspend belief, but then, isn't that what good fiction is all about? Mar 04, Cathy rated it it was ok Shelves: thriller.

Oh dear, sometimes you're glad you only spent 99p on a book and this is one of those times.

The Templar Prophecy

It started well and the section in Hitler's bunker was OK but once it moved into the present day it really went downhill for me. His brain was clearly not situated in his head but somewhere much lower down. This is proba Oh dear, sometimes you're glad you only spent 99p on a book and this is one of those times. This is probably a sexist comment but really a character with such sexual prowess could only have been invented by a man.

The importance of the Holy Lance seemed to get lost during the book and the prophecy only came to light in the last few pages. Oct 30, Sean Buckley rated it liked it. However overall it was an enjoyable read.

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May 23, CP rated it liked it. Readable, but wafty! Shattered and bewildered, Hart learns for the very first time of his family's destiny - to be the Guardians of the Lance. As Hart begins to investigate, he discovers a German occult right-wing organization called the Brotherhood of the Lance.