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On the face of it. Silk and Steel is action-packed fictional adrenalin that weaves blood, death, war and pillage into a riveting tapestry. But, Alter's second novel is much more honest - behind the adventure, the battles, the love affairs, or, rather, juxtaposed with them, lies the forbidding facade of despair and desolation presented by a land readying itself for the heel of a new, better organised master.

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James Webley, sometime captain in the army of the Gaekwad of Baroda, had left him to lead the life of a bandit, at the head of "the finest army in the north. Arabs, Rajputs, Afghans and Rohillas all regimented together like a patchwork quilt, as vicious as a pack of dogs". Augustine becomes a fighting man himself, and joins the Baroda Gaekwad's service, and leaves it along with Webley.

Now, with the English armies yapping at their heels, the renegades have taken shelter in the Bijilli Gargh, and Webley's delusions of grandeur will soon come to an end. It is difficult to say just what had driven this arrogant and brilliant soldier to leave the security of a settled court and wealth for the rigours of a life of banditry.

India's "vast plains" are the perfect domain for Webley: "There was nothing permanent, nothing of value, save himself and his personality.

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Roaming wild over Hindustan, he cared nothing for what would remain. He kept nothing but spent it all. He moved like a dust storm spitting out whatever he collected. Striking Evocation: Alter, the son of American missionaries, was educated in the US but now lives in Mussoorie where he locates some of the action in this novel. He has taken a romantic adventure story and twisted it violently into a raw evocation of desolation. Among Webley's targets is a village, plundered relentlessly, the women submitting docilely to rape, mothers of bastards. I do not see your faces.

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I do not care what uniforms you wear. Not the best for rock, country or anything that requires a lot of strumming and flat-picking in my opinion. Silk and steel strings are a great option for beginners because they are softer on the fingers. They definitely go better on smaller guitars. Some say that they only like silk and steel strings on arch tops and not flat tops.

Others like them on 12 string guitars.

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Some people like to record with silk and steel strings because they can produce less string noise. However, they would still only be suitable for recording if they suited the sound you were trying to achieve.

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Some guitarists really like the sound of silk and steel strings when amplified. It can take away some of the harshness you sometimes getting when amplifying an acoustic.

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However, it would also come down partly to the style of music you are playing too. Silk and steel strings are not bad by any stretch, they are just unsuitable for some guitars and some styles — but they are perfect for others. Have you used silk and steel strings before? What did you think of them? Would you try silk and steel strings? Any comments or questions welcome in the comments section below. I do a lot of finger picking and hammering for my style of playing. They have a nice soft bright sound, great for playing indoors.

Some people say there easy on your fingers but if you do a lot of sliding up and down the kneck they will sand out your fingers.