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For example some anglers never bother learning the difference between flounder, plaice and dab and referring to them all generically as flatties, while others get mullet and bass, or pollock and coalfish confused. It is worth learning to identify UK sea fish so that anglers know exactly what they have caught.

Size limits

The marine life found around the British Isles can be divided into several broad categories: There are round fish which are round in the cross section and have a normal fish shape with a broad head and gills that tapers to a tail cod, haddock and pollock are all examples. Flatfish have a flattened body with fins around the edges, a lateral line down the middle and both eyes on the upper side of their head. Flatfish are often described as right eyed or left eyed — this refers to the side of the head the eyes are on when the fish is viewed straight on.

It is illegal to sell any fish that have been caught from an unlicensed vessel. If you suspect fish are being sold illegally contact the Maritime Management Organisation on There are five organisations responsible for legislation that controls fishing in Plymouth Sound and the Tamar Estuaries.

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Certain fishing activities are restricted, under the Port of Plymouth Order, in order to ensure naval activities are unimpeded whilst safeguarding the public and other users. Responsible anglers consider the rights of others, portray a positive image and help to protect and conserve our natural resources. Be a responsible angler, the waters of Plymouth Sound and Tamar Estuaries depend on it. Allowing juvenile fish to grow to full maturity helps protect the success of future stocks, providing more fruitful angling grounds. Popular spots for angling can be blighted by lost fishing line and tackle that can remain in the marine environment for many years, causing great harm to wildlife.

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Lobster, crab, fish and birds can get caught in lost fishing line, but lost tackle is also a hazard for visitors to the coast, other waterway users and even divers. Reducing tackle loss can save you time and money, as well as helping the environment.

Recreational Sea Angling

A couple of minutes, or even just a couple of extra items of litter, can help to restore and maintain the beauty of our coastline and estuaries, as well as creating a safe haven for wildlife. Mudflats and sandflats are designated features of the Special Area of Conservation, as well as protected feeding grounds for birds in the Special Protection Area. We need YOU to join us so we can campaign at the highest level and protect your fish and fishing. How the Angling Trust is helping to lead the fight against poaching, fish theft and illegal fishing.

Coaching is key to the long-term development of every angler whether new to the sport or whether involved in performance squads competing across the world. Coaching courses offered by the Angling Trust will help set you on the right path to being able to provide the most appropriate coaching when the learner requires it.

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