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Popular Features. New Releases. Destroyermen: Rising Tides. And now they are united in their desire to hunt down the traitor who abducted two women both men would die to protect: Reddy's love, nurse Sandra Tucker, and young Princess Rebecca of the New British Empire. But first they have a new battle to win. However, this battle will not be fought with broadsides and broadswords, but with cunning and intrigue. For when Reddy and Jenks report the situation to the New Britain Company, they are met with scorn and disbelief.

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It soon becomes obvious that the ruthless Company is attempting to overthrow the Imperial Throne-and that someone involved knows where Sandra and Rebecca are. From the halls of power to the ballrooms of the nobility, Reddy must navigate through a tempest of politics, deception, and betrayal if he is ever going to save the hostages and live to fight another day. Other books in this series. Destroyermen: Rising Tides William Dufris. Add to basket.

Destroyermen: Into the Storm William Dufris. Destroyermen: Maelstrom William Dufris. Destroyermen: Deadly Shores William Dufris. Publisher: Roc. Author: Taylor Anderson.

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Genre: Alternate History. Science Fiction. It is soon obvious that the New Britain Company is attempting to overthrow the throne. And Reddy must navigate through a tempest of politics, deception, and betrayal if he is ever going to save the hostages and live to fight another day The intrigue-heavy fifth installment in the saga of a temporally displaced WWII destroyer and crew moves from southeast Asian jungles to Hawai'i dueling grounds.

Matt Reddy is faced with the dual tasks of breaking the treacherous Honorable New Britain Company and securing an alliance with the slave-keeping Empire. Doing so, however, incurs the enmity of the Holy Dominion, displaced colonial Spaniards who practice a blood-drenched sort of Catholicism. While Matt struggles with moral ambiguities, the younger officers gain more responsibilities and face the fatal consequences of mistakes in command, and Lt. Sandra Tucker leads imperial heir Princess Rebecca and a boatload of Company escapees across a dinosaur-crammed Pacific island.

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Anderson continues to broaden the scope of the story, but never lets the philosophy drown out the action, tossing in a full-scale naval battle and a volcanic tsunami for the twin climaxes. All rights reserved. Series: Destroyermen. About the series: The Destroyermen series is by author Taylor Anderson.

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Crusade Destroyermen 2. Crusade Destroyermen 2 out of print.

Deadly Shores Destroyermen 9 out of print. Deadly Shores Destroyermen 9. Distant Thunders Destroyermen 4 out of print.

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Distant Thunders Destroyermen 4. Firestorm Destroyermen 6 out of print. Firestorm Destroyermen 6. Iron Gray Sea Destroyermen 7 out of print.

Iron Gray Sea Destroyermen 7. Maelstrom Destroyermen 3.