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What everybody forgets was that in the middle of this front, there was a sector, Gold Beach, where the Allied offensive turned out to be particularly effective. This new book reminds you of what was at stake in this sector of D-Day, and allows Gold Beach to obtain a rightful place of its own in history among the five landing beaches. An obvious must-have for all Battle of Normandy buffs, or for readers interested in the human aspects of the war.

This book gives a detailed account of the Battle of Carentan, with poignant, moving accounts given by the participants in the battle, throwing a profoundly human light on the complexity and the violence of the fighting for the liberation of this region. To our knowledge, Jardin is the only collaborator of the SiPo who proclaimed his commitment to the Nazi party until the end. Almost photos, mostly unpublished, almost documents, and numerous eye-witness accounts and biographies of the main officers in the division. The first paty of the complete illustrated history of the elite German 1st SS Panzer division.

It distinguished itself in Poland, in the West and obtained its first military notoriety in the Balkans. This military history is accompanied by portraits of officers who became famous, but also photographs of material. The second part of the complete history, detailing the 1st transition into being a Panzer division. It then disarmed the Italian Army, fought in Normandy, in the Ardennes and took part in the ultimate fighting in Hungary, or even in Berlin for some of its elements.

We follow them in their fighting alongside the Wiking Division, the Tcherkassy pocket and the Baltic States until on the Oder. Mainly unpublished documents. Other volumes will follow presenting the assault gun units from the other Waffen-SS divisions. With more than often unpublished documents and photos and more than fifty profiles, this book allows us to relive the events of 6 June , and the day to day training of those French pilots and ground staff from March to August A detailed look at the Chance Vought F4U Corsair, one of the most famous aircraft in aviation history.

With more than units built across six main models, the Chance Vought F4U Corsair is undoubtedly one of the most famous aircraft in aviation history. An essential book for anyone wanting to explore the untold story of the Waffen-SS paratroopers.

Longstreet on Pickett's Charge

An in-depth history of the French Foreign Legion. Provides a beautifully illustrated reference guide to the French Artillery of the Napoleonic era. Originally, the artillery corps comprised officers who created, used and maintained these machines. This book presents the forgotten heroes of the Napoleonic era, with hundreds of profiles and silhouettes. Presents a vivid description of the uniforms of the American Civil War. This book gives you as large a panorama as possible of the uniforms worn by the belligerents during this conflict. Created in in Gmund, Austria, the took a while before it grew truly popular, but it became extremely beloved in motorsports, enjoying great success until the end of its production in Though many versions were made, as technology and engineering moved on, the basic design of this iconic car barely changed throughout its entire production run, and this book explores the many facets of this fascinating car.

France had quietened down and consolidated its borders. It was a bigger country which saw out the 18th Century, but a country in which the ashes from earlier fires still glowed. Though it started in peace, ended with the clash of fighting. In this book, discover the turning point when the Egyptian Campaign under the young Bonaparte took centre stage. Each entry is classified by the date the decoration was created. This volume is an essential and precise tool for all Second World War collectors or history buffs.

The author deals with all the theories that have been voiced and gives a novel analysis to runic inscriptions. Except for chariot races and athletics competitions, the only fights held there involved men in arms equipped with helmets and swords bestiarii and hunters with spears venatores against ferocious beasts. This book offers the reader almost years of history, based on archaeological documentation and on solid literary sources, this study provides the most recent historical research on the subject.

He also helped to edit Mein Kampf. The Battle of Bosworth, along with Hastings and Naseby, is one of the most important battles in English history and on the death of Richard, ushered in the age of the Tudors. Using contemporary sources, this book examines their lives, how events unfolded and how the French made it possible. Includes maps of each stage of the battle and orders of battle. A detailed account of the Landsknecht Army and its 6-month long campaign to defend the nobility of Germany.

This book presents a detailed inside account of the different components and internal organisation of the Swabian League, a defensive alliance of princes, prelates, and Imperial cities dedicated to maintaining peace within the territory of Southern Germany, and their mercenary forces. When the castle fell it was burned to the ground, and for four centuries the epic struggle lived on only through a handful of letters, two little-known war chronicles and in the folk memories of the local people.

This book tells the complete story of the epic struggle for the first time outside Japan by using evidence that is available from history, literature, folklore, archaeology and cartography. The armies, weapons and heraldry of one of the most violent periods of the Italian peninsula. That gunshot kicked off a battle which changed warfare and represented the starting point of a raging conflict known as the Italian Wars. This text offers a detailed description of the composition of the armies, their weapons, and armour, as well as the heraldry borne by captains and shown on standards.

By using a rich array of original Italian and French documents, this book serves as the stating point to understand the crucial nature of the Italian Wars. The first detailed account of the thousands of troops from Ireland who took part in the English Civil War. The English troops serving in Ireland were vital source of experienced and possibly war-winning manpower sought after by both King and Parliament in the Civil War.

It includes his victories in the West in , the raising of a new army in August , the sieges of Basing House and Arundel Castle along with the defence of Farnham and the storming of Alton.

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Examines the clash between Oliver Cromwell and the army of Scotland at Dunbar. On 3 September , two former allies fought a bitter clash of arms in the rain-soaked fields around the quiet seaside town of Dunbar. In Scotland, as an avoidable tragedy caused by the placement of blind faith over sound judgement. And for those whose ancestors suffered in its terrible aftermath, it is a story of both sorrow and survival.

Documents the military forces commanded by Louis XIV during the height of his power.

The Historian

After detailing the early years of Louis XIV, volume two of the series concerns the wars, military politics and geo-strategy of the Sun King from to and notably includes events in eastern Europe that had much influence on his western fronts. The French line infantry units are richly described as well as their recruitment, services, lifestyles, tactics, weapons, colours and uniforms. This includes the regiments recruited and led by Frenchmen as well as the large contingent of Foreign units in French pay that made up to a quarter of the French army.

Permanent armies became an organic feature of the Old Regime, a symbol of its power and strength, the means by which a prince could defend his interest and play an active role in the International policy. This book charts the fortunes of the armies raised by the Scottish Covenanters as they fight across Scotland, Ireland and England in defence of their cause and in defiance of their king. From the Bishops Wars to the surrender of Charles I, this title explains the motivations, leadership, and appearance of the Scottish forces as they campaigned across three theatres.

As well as narrating their progress through battle, siege, and skirmish, the author explores the elements which made the Scots armies so effective at its peak, and the changing factors which affected its ability to sustain its early successes. The clothing, weapons and accoutrements of the men who fought for the Stuarts in Scotland from to This book throws new light on the men who fought for the Stuarts in Scotland from the beginning of the Jacobite cause in to Glenshiel in by drawing on the work of historians and a wide range of primary sources and therefore presenting a picture based on the evidence available.

This text looks at the variety of clothing and weapons used by the different Jacobite armies in this time period as well as their material culture used by them to show their allegiance to the Stuarts and the Jacobite cause. An accomplished general of the Holy Roman Empire, John George's courage and enthusiasm during the successive Riechskriegs earned him the title of the "Saxonian Mars".

HIs military force of 12, soldiers bore an impressive military record and won its laurels in the Battle for Vienna and later against the Ottomans and the French.

This book provides a broad analysis of this army, dealing with topics like finances and organisation, uniforms, tactics and an overview of its campaigns. It is lavishly illustrated and comes with a number of finely detailed colour profiles. Included in this text are articles concerning the British military participation, the actions of Catholic Irish colonel Great Barry, and the foreign, especially Dutch, influence on English fortifications during this period. Overshadowed by the better known Spanish Armada of , three centuries ago, the final Spanish Armada set sail against England and Scotland.

This little known invasion is often treated as part of the little known Jacobite campaign of However, this invasion and the subsequent campaign in Scotland were part of the virtually unknown War of the Quadruple Alliance. This conflict has never been hitherto covered in a book in the English language. This book presents an account of this little known war, examining realities of military power during this period, using previously undiscovered sources.

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A biography of General Hawley through six conflicts, focussing on his controversial role in the Jacobite campaign in He is reputed to have been a man who enjoyed hanging his own soldiers, looting from his enemies, and harrying defeated foes, yet he was defeated in the only battle that he ever held command. Yet, in the eyes of the Duke of Cumberland, he was a highly capable cavalry officer.

A lavishly illustrated collection of essays presenting new insights and research into the Seven Years War. On 5 November , in the vicinity of the small Saxon village of Rossbach, Frederick the Great and his army achieved a spectacular victory over an enemy composed of French and Imperial troops when 22, Prussian soldiers drove an army twice their size from the field of battle.

The present volume brings together essays by well-known authors who examine the battle from differing perspectives. These include analyses of the three armies involved, and discussion of the course of the battle, its effects on the surrounding civilian population, and forms of remembrance.

The volume is illustrated with several attractive images and maps. A collection of essays exploring various elements of the Napoleonic Wars, assembled with the support of the Napoleon Series website and forum. This collection of essays both revisits some of the most glorious episodes of the Napoleonic Wars and rescues from obscurity some fascinating but overlooked episodes. The chapters of this title cover topics ranging across the European conflict from to There is material here on the armies of France, Russia, Prussia, and Austria as well as some of the smaller German states and the single British unit to play a part in the Battle of Leipzig.

Covering over 2, officers who served during the Seven Years War, this book provides previously un-published details. Provides detailed reference information on over 2, commissioned officers of the Royal Navy. Sourced primarily from some 15, original source documents held in the National Archives, the individual entries include the officers precommission postings and commissions to ships as well as other naval and civil appointments.

Pickett's Charge: Eyewitness Accounts at the Battle of Gettysburg by Archibald Hamilton Rutledge

As the first published reference work on this topic, this title provides an unparalleled level of information. The story of the Russian fleet serving in the Mediterranean during the Napoleonic Wars, told by one of its officers. Told from the perspective of a midshipman aboard the frigate Venus, this text illuminates an often-overlooked theatre of war. The story is told by the citizens within the walls, including a decorated artillery Captain and an altruistic Catholic nun.

Three of these works are offered in English for the first time, and all four are fully annotated. These journals and memoirs bring us inside the siege, as the fate of New France was determined during the Seven Years War. The American Revolutionary War was a conflict that Britain did not want, and for which it was not prepared. The British Army in America at the end of was only 3, strong, with a further 6, to arrive by the time that the conflict started in the spring of The scale of reinforcing, maintaining and supplying an army while blockading the American coast after the costly Seven Years War was enormous.

In this title, the author concentrates on the role of the Navy in supporting, supplying and transporting the British Army during the war in America. Almost immediately the 3rd German Army Corps was formed with these same soldiers as its nucleus. The Corps was sent to the Southern Netherlands to take part in the final defeat of Napoleon amidst of a constant changing command of control structure, in which the Swedish Crown Prince Bernadotte played a major and dubious role.

The story of the 16th Light Dragoons during the Battle of Waterloo.