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Help us rehabilitate abused, neglected, and homeless companion animals, and to give them a second chance at life. We are one of the few organizations that uses rescue dogs to be trained for.

Why don't I see my heart rate on my Fitbit device?

Service Dogs and solely focus on disabled Veterans who have given so much to Our country. Each year 1. We rescued dogs from shelters all over U. S to give them a second chance in life. Our dogs live with foster families and go through months of long training and socialization from qualified trainers.

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With the help of our sponsors and foster families we give our service dogs in training a place to live while training. Dogs who do not pass the training program make great therapy dogs for hospital or nursing home patients. We will teach you how to make a traditional homemade Polish pierogi from scratch. Every year our foundation hosts our Annual Charity Gala, a celebration full of music, tasty catering and red carpet photos to help our great cause and our foundation at the same time. This alows me to live a more normal life.

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Skip to content info foreverinmyheartfoundation. Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube. Every year our foundation hosts our Annual Charity Gala. Experience a night of live entertainment, delicious food, and dance to raise money to Save Lives of shelter dogs and improve the lives of CT Disabled Veterans. We rescue dogs and train them to be service dogs for disabled veterans at no cost.

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Are you a veteran in a need of a free service dog? Submit your application here! Why do I have to wear a heart monitor? Physicians prescribe our services to assist in diagnosing certain heart arrhythmias. Arrhythmias are often not detected during routine ECG testing in the physician office. Our devices allow you to go about your normal activities while data is being collected. Your physician can use this data to aide in diagnosing you. Is it okay to wear the monitor while exercising? Yes, we encourage you to wear the monitor as much as possible, even while exercising.

Please note our monitors should not be worn while participating in water activities such as swimming or surfing. Can I travel with the monitor? Yes you are able to travel within the United States with all of our devices. If you are flying, remove the monitoring system and pack it in your carry-on luggage, reconnect once you land.

Should I wear the monitor at all times? You are encouraged to wear the monitor at all times. The more you wear the monitor, the more information will be presented to your physician for accurate diagnosis.

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However, most of our monitors need to be removed while bathing or participating in water activities. Will the monitor alert me if my heart is in an irregular rhythm? No, depending on which monitor you are prescribed you may receive alerts regarding technical maintenance, i. However, any alerts or noises made by the monitor will never be related to your heart rhythms. Will you contact me if I have an arrhythmia?

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  • No, the results of your monitoring will be provided to your physician. Generally, we will not contact you unless we have questions about your service; there is an issue with your monitor, or in an emergency at the direction of your physician. How much will this cost me, and when will I get billed?

    With My Heart - Super Simple Songs

    Our services are covered by a majority of insurance providers. Your insurance will be billed and you will be responsible for your portion based on your Explanation of Benefits from your insurance. You can email us at billing-questions gobio. If I send the monitor back before my service is over will my bill be reduced? No, our services are billed as a flat rate. We encourage all patients to wear the device for the full monitoring period, and only return the equipment early if you have received permission from your physician.

    Please note, even with permission from your physician, your bill does not decrease. Where can I go to pay my bill? Due to the various services we provide it is best to refer directly to your bill to determine where and how to send a payment. How can I get copies of my reports sent to me or another physician? We can provide you, or another physician, copies of your reports upon completion of service with your consent.

    To receive copies of your reports, email CustomerService gobio. Include your name, date of birth, and service date, Customer Service will send you an Authorization for Release. Complete and return as directed on the form. Reports should arrive within business days.

    Why am I getting a call to return my device when I already sent it back? If your device was returned via the US Postal service it can take up to three weeks to reach our distribution center. We may call you while the device is in transit. If you continue to receive calls requesting you to return your device, please email DeviceRetrieval gobio.

    I forgot to include something in my return, what should I do? Email CustomerService gobio. If the item needs to be returned Customer Service will send you a return mailer to ship the item. How does the monitor activate? How do I start service? The monitor activates when it is linked to your prescription in our internal systems. Your service starts when we receive the initial reading of your heart baseline. Steps for sending a baseline can be found in your Patient Education Guide.