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During this time, Earth is ruled by one called Messiah, and governed by men and women who had died, and who now lived, and were said to be indestructible. Disease has been conquered. Life spans are expanded to hundreds of years. Crime is non existent. Technology explodes as a result of expanded minds, of the absence of evil and disease, and other impediments to human knowledge. Suddenly, travel to the stars is not merely possible, but common.

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As Earth fills with people, many seek out new worlds in which to live. But, long ago in Earth history, there roamed a malignant being whose origins were off-world. This alien inserted himself into the life of mankind, wreaking havoc, bringing wars, and seeking to destroy all of mankind. He is assisted by beings like himself. They are able to take control of some humans, possessing their minds and bodies and bringing them under complete domination. Humans who become controlled by one of these aliens have no will of their own. In time, after many wars and much destruction, this being and his army are imprisoned by Messiah.

However, at the end of years, he is again loosed, to test all of mankind. This malignant entity who calls himself Lucien, begins a crusade of seduction, deception and corruption of the humans governments and humans on Earth. Lucien was known in the past records of that ancient book called The Holy Book, as Lucifer, or Satan. He is a magnificent creature, beautiful to behold, powerful beyond any human, and able to bend humans to his will.

His will now is to conquer Earth, the universe, and all life.

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The stranger was not a full citizen, yet he had recognized rights and duties. He was under the protection of God, and the Israelites were charged to treat him kindly [ Leviticus —34 ; Deuteronomy —19 ]. Under the Mosaic law, anyone who had been sexually mutilated was not allowed into full fellowship in the house of Israel see Deuteronomy —2. The law was likely written because wholeness of body typified or symbolized spiritual wholeness. A priest or Levite who was a eunuch could not function in the priesthood offices see Leviticus — Whether one is a literal descendant of Israel will not matter as much as whether one will make and keep the covenant with God.

The beasts devour, the watchmen are blind, the dogs are mute and greedy, and the shepherds are without understanding. In a latter-day context, which this seems to be, these figures may point to the Gentiles who reject the gospel when it is presented to them and seek to have others do the same.

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This passage may also refer to those who have the gospel watch over the flock but do not make it available to others. The wild beasts come; these dogs bark not; and the wild beasts devour the flock.

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Thus they do not profit the flock. Yea, they injure it; for the owner trusts in them, that they will watch and be faithful; but they are not. These are the false teachers and careless shepherds.

These words are an apt description of the Christian world of the last days. When the righteous die, they go to paradise, a state of peace and rest. The wicked, on the other hand, know no peace. Men who truly love the Lord seek to overcome their sins and to draw nearer to the Lord in fasting and prayer. Whether Isaiah —7 refers to ancient or to modern Israel, or to both, is not clear.

It is certain that there is a proper way to fast and to commune with God. The guilty Israelites described in these verses seem to have been disturbed because they fasted and God seemed not to notice; they afflicted their souls and God failed to regard their sufferings see v. But the Lord pointed out that they were fasting for improper reasons. Instead of abstaining from food and the activities of the world, they continued in their labors and pleasures see v. That is not the kind of fast the Lord enjoined. In other words, is it a proper fast, pleasing to Him? Does it show true humility and reliance on God?

Fasting has genuine spiritual purpose: it breaks the bands of wickedness, sets free the spiritually oppressed, and provides bread for the hungry and covering for the naked see v. Vandenberg explained:.

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The principles of loving thy neighbor and of loving God are encompassed in the true purpose of the fast. Bishop Vandenberg explained the significance of the blessings promised in Isaiah —12 :. What would this be worth to you?

Think of what it means. In the bone there is marrow and marrow manufactures the blood that is vital to the strength and well-being of the body. Keil and F. Delitzsch, Commentary on the Old Testament, And we will feed on the heritage of Jacob eat or consume it so that it becomes part of us. The word heritage comes from the same root as heir and inherit. Petersen explained:. It was Isaiah who explained such a situation which existed anciently when he said:. If we truly believe the Bible, we must expect additional scripture from time to time, and to do so we must look for living prophets to receive the revelations which are to become that new scripture.

We cannot escape this conclusion.

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Apostasy occurs whenever people turn away from the Lord. Isaiah —21 refers to Jesus Christ, our intercessor with the Father. If the Savior had not been sent, our state, because of iniquity, would have been grim indeed see v. Therefore, Jesus was sent to earth. They have remained in unbelief from that day to this; hence, there did not come a Deliverer out of Zion eighteen centuries ago. But the Zion of the last days, that Zion that is so frequently and so fully spoken of by the ancient prophets, especially by Isaiah, is the Church and kingdom of God; and out of that Church or kingdom or Zion is to come a Deliverer, who will turn away ungodliness from Jacob after the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.

The Light of Zion is the Lord Himself, and these verses refer to conditions of the latter days when Zion shines forth but darkness covers the earth. It will not be something that takes place in a corner on some distant island of the sea, or away among some obscure people; but it will be something that will call forth the attention of all people and nations upon the face of the whole earth. Although Isaiah is sometimes seen by scholars as a prophetic utterance relating to the wise men who came from the east to visit the child born in Bethlehem see Matthew —15 , in context it is a prophecy of a Zion of the latter days, perhaps the New Jerusalem.

Not one. He is said to be Cthulhu 's half- brother. He is said to be of the air element opposed to Cthulhu's water element. A towering greenish trunk with a "crown" of tentacles, a row of multiple eyes, and a series of additional lateral grasping appendages. Lesser brother of Cthulhu , manifesting as a gigantic mouth surrounded by countless tentacles, similar to a titanic sea anemone. Has a spheroid body, elongated arms, short legs, and a pendulum -like head dangling underneath.

He is the brother of Ghisguth , and uncle of Tsathoggua. A gigantic, pale, worm -like horror dwelling beneath the crust of the star Xoth. She has been Cthulhu 's first bride, and with him spawned three sons— Ghatanothoa , Ythogtha , and Zoth-Ommog —and a younger daughter, Cthylla. A levitating, sinuous glowing creature. A cat -like deity, similar to Bastet , but vicious and malignant.