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Just ponder that for a moment! You can easily find other examples of people who did persist far beyond what most people would to achieve the goal they had. Admittedly these may appear to be extreme examples, but what it seems to suggest that if you are committed to what you want to achieve and persist then you can. It is hard to get into the minds of people and know what kept them going.

The Secret to Learning Languages and How Absolutely Anyone Can Do It | FluentU Language Learning

The secret to this is to understand what else can keep us moving forward. One such thing is exactly what we have been talking about. Namely, learning to adjust what we do so what we do stays engaging. We, in fact, can be in full control of this.

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Infants are a master at this. This play is not just play but in fact, is how they master control over their limbs and thought processes. Once they master something, they will give it away and embark on something a little more demanding.

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Better understanding engagement is what is required.. Good teachers strive to have their students engaged in their classes and do whatever it takes. A much less widely known, but acclaimed educator was Dr. Computers are also able to do it. Video games are another great example of what is possible here. If you have come across other good examples of engaging educational programs, do note them down in the comments area below.

Here are some ways that give you some ideas what you can do to achieve this:.

Some possible solutions here are:. Break it down, then break it down again, into micro-steps if necessary. Then raise the bar. Maybe add a little difficulty, complexity or speed.

3 Secrets to Learning English That Everyone Misses

Use the feelings of boredom and frustration as signals—as guides to managing your motivation. If you attempt to do it but you find it all a struggle, drop me a line or just leave a comment a below. What if you threw a party and nobody came? Without a sound multilingual SEO […].

Should you translate your brand name or business name when you enter a foreign language market? What about product names?

Secrets of Learning Languages with Lydia Machova, Polyglot

Is your brand name already a word in the target language? When it comes to translating company names and product names, […]. All solid advice.

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  • 5 Secrets to Learning a New Language.
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Another one I would give is the need to stop relying on memorization. Instead when you are adding to your vocabulary to embed the new words in the target language — something like — My WALLET is where I keep my paper money. Us the right techniques and see how fast your memory starts to improve. For more strategies to avoid and hence embrace the opposite , download my FREE Ebook at http:languagelearningunlocked.

24 Polyglot Experts Reveal 2 Most Useful Tips To Learn A New Language

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