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Old man trouble, I don't mind him You won't find him 'round my door I got starlight, I got sweet dreams I got my man Who could ask for anything more? Who could ask for anything more? Days can be sunny, with never a sigh Don't need what money can buy Birds in the trees sing their day full of song Why shouldn't we sing along?

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I'm chipper all the day, happy with my lot How do I get that way Look at what I've got I got rhythm and I got music, I got my man Who could ask for anything more? By subscribing to the Northern Ballet email list, we can let you know more about our performances, events and news, and share exclusive content, offers and competitions with you.

From Genius to Madness

Song List. A perfect fusion of skilful and exuberant dance, live music and vocal performances, I Got Rhythm celebrates Gershwin's America through his sensational music. Rhapsody in Blue and Summertime capture the romantic, soulful mood of a bygone era, whilst the joyful energy of Girl Crazy and I Got Rhythm create the excitement of the big Broadway musical.

Running Time: 2 hours approximately.

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Tour Dates This production is not currently touring, visit our What's on page for the current tour The dancing scintillates, the costumes sumptuously sache, and the sets decorate so hyperactively, they actually appear to dance and, virtually, sing. Here is my problem, though. In the second scene of the First Act, after an opening firestorm of expository dancing, an ex-GI character by the name of Adam Hochberg is discovered by another ex-GI named Jerry Mulligan, composing music at a piano in a cafe. Adam is already our narrator; he has addressed us directly from the outset.

Now we also learn that he is a composer and "a genius," as his French admirer, the aspiring singer, Henri Baurel, makes clear, joining the action, stage left.

“I Got Rhythm”

The music that Adam is writing, according to Henri is: "brilliant. But what does he play? He plays "I Got Rhythm.

Now I realize this may seem silly to some -- perhaps many. Still, "I Got Rhythm" must be among the most recognizable items of music ever written; instantly identifiable as the work of its actual composer, George Gershwin.

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Of course, all of the music in An American in Paris is Gershwin music - no secret there. Nevertheless, to ask an audience at a George Gershwin musical to buy the notion that someone else is up there composing "I Got Rhythm," struck me as wrong.


Really wrong. Adam Hochberg would have known all about George Gershwin, I couldn't help thinking. This folly was compounded for me by the fact that the script chooses to kid Adam Hochberg with "I Got Rhythm" in a manner willfully tone deaf to Ira Gershwin's lyric for the song.

I'm assuming Ira is herewith dissed too, in that Adam is supposed to be writing both words and music. Adam Hochberg believes that gloom equals art. Adam, therefore, writes his "I Got Rhythm" in a dark, foreboding, minor key ludicrously inappropriate to the song's perfectly sunny disposition. I'm chipper all the day ," Henri soldiers on, " happy with my lot.