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Everyone is struggling in life and has their own problems. You can also consider how much of a bad place they must be in themselves to have hurt you. Like with the Buddhist monk who had compassion for his torturers — he was able to put himself in their shoes, and feel pity for their pain that caused them to treat him so badly. Are you connected to your heart? If you are able to put yourself in the position of the other I think you're always more likely to find a way to forgive.

How To Forgive When You Can’t Forget

But your feelings aren't going to kill you. Because if you don't feel an emotion, it gets stuck in your body. It'll be scary at the beginning to allow yourself to feel, but it will get better. Once you've accepted the emotion, you know it can't hunt you down again.

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Then, you can start to let go. The third step is giving yourself enough time to heal, without beating yourself up about what happened.

You did the best that you could in that situation. And I think in every situation there is something to learn. Even if the lesson you learn is that life is precious, or that people can be cruel, you've still grown.

Forgive and Forget

It's as simple as that. Lindsay Dodgson. It's hard to forgive and forget, but many people choose to try. You shouldn't rush to forget, because you need to work through the feelings first. And nothing could be further from the truth. Their lives have been incredibly impacted by what they experienced as children. Jennifer J. But it comes at a great cost. For those facing betrayal trauma, the notion of forgetting often comes in the form of dissociating. These are things people can heal from, but it takes effort, relationships, and admitting the truth to oneself.

Freyd stresses that forgiveness can be incredibly beneficial under the right circumstances, but truth is a necessary precondition to reconciliation.

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The problem is without accountability, there are conditions for bad things to happen again. All this said, however, Freyd impressed on me there is yet some good news. In our society people are afraid to apologize even if they want to because they think it could somehow be used against them legally or socially , but what I have observed is sincere apologies are extremely healing to both the person who apologizes and the person apologized to.

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We also can benefit from forgiving ourselves if we've unfairly blamed ourselves for being wronged by others. But most of all, don't aspire to forgive and forget. Photo Credit: The Mullers. You may be surprised to hear that negative emotions can actually boost your well-being. Research suggests traumatic experiences present occasions for personal growth. For some of us, Christmas brings feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, and one-upmanship that started in childhood.

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This latest nude selfie is just another symptom of how confused we can be about sexualization. Home Culture. Forgetting is not possible. Moving on takes time. Forgetting actually impedes it.