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Denise McCluggage was the kind of woman who turned heads.

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Whip-smart, stylish, and poised, she became a pioneering sports journalist and race-car driver in an era when those achievements were all-but-impossible for women. And when she wasn't racing the cars she loved, Denise was leading a free-wheeling American life among the cultural vanguard of her time—hobnobbing with and occasionally dating the likes of Miles Davis, Steve McQueen, and Dave Brubeck—and breaking barriers everywhere she went.

Or her Fiat-Abarth Zagato. And especially in her Ferrari short wheel-base Berlinetta, which is the car Denise drove with verve and bravado in her legendary Sebring win in , the first for a woman behind the wheel in professional racing. We've got a love story for you: one for the ages. It's the tale of Fred Cruz, a heroin addict, and Frances Jalet, a divorcee, mother, and one of the first women to graduate from Columbia Law School. Inspired by the civil rights movement, Jalet walked away from her sedate New England life to become a legal aid lawyer in Texas.

She met Cruz in prison and their complicated romance upended the Texas prison system forever, landing them in the Supreme Court and inspiring the prison reform movement in the US.

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This remarkable story from Ethan Watters was produced in conjunction with Texas Monthly and offers a measure of hope that love and conviction can prevail in the most dire of circumstances. Everyone here came from somewhere else. Even Native Americans crossed the Bering Strait at some point. This is the basic American idea — an identity open to all — but it can be easy to forget from inside. Here we present just a few stories. A man who escaped communism via zip-line. A Hindu Mayor of a small Kansas town.

And thereby a portrait of America itself. The piece tells the story of the cult, its members and its beliefs, and a lone survivor named Rio.

Because Rio did not stay on Earth because he lost faith or got cold feet. There was a reason, he said, that he was left behind. Ishiguro's daughter looked at her mirror image, a strange, blinking, breathing, human-like thing, and burst into tears.

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Ishiguro's goal is to crack the code of "humanness"—to imbue a machine with perfectly life-like features and functions, so that one day we might form a relationship with a robot the way we would another person. For all its eccentricities, the inventor's work is an attempt to understand the intricacies of romance, empathy, and friendship. But the search for human connection can be a deeply lonely place. If you looked up into the Phoenix sky in the s and saw a helicopter, it was likely Jerry Foster.

An airborne cowboy, exploring a new frontier.

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He'd fly five feet over morning traffic, beaming his footage to local news, and then head to the desert for an afternoon of search and rescue. Until, of course, he flew too close to the sun. The things that made Foster want to fly were the things that eventually brought him back to Earth. His is a tale of bravery and mid-air chases and heroic rescues, but also of hubris, drugs, and dark nights of the soul. Foster fell, but not before he lived an incredible life of adventure in the air. For further reading, please check out Jerry Foster's memoir, Earthbound Misfit.

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During Joshuah Bearman's first trip to The Sundance Film Festival in , he wound up floating through the social scene and seeing almost no movies. Charles and John Deane knew it would be dangerous. But the brothers—raised in the slums of Victorian London—also knew that plundering undersea shipwrecks could make them phenomenally rich.

Largely forgotten by history, the brothers opened a new frontier for human exploration—and exploitation. They achieved glory but paid the price in suffering, estrangement, and madness. It was his dream job. Then Efrain Escobar rolled into town. Efrain worked non-stop and seemed to ignore the informal code of conduct of the Salem ice cream trade.


What began as a simple turf war, erupted into an all out ice cream offensive. Soon, they were on the verge of destroying the thing they loved the most: the joy of ice cream. Chris Jeon was determined to make it to Wall Street. But after landing his dream college internship with BlackRock, something unexpected happened. Spreadsheets and financial analysis made him feel anxious, stifled.

Sitting in his cubicle, he decided it was time to do something drastically different: join the rebels fighting in Libya. In the midst of one country's revolution to rebuild, grow, and change, Chris saw an opportunity to do the same for himself. All systems are vulnerable to corruption. They are counting on the fact that in the era of informational perpetuity, you only have to be careless once. Ross Ulbricht was a young, handsome, and charming physics student who played in drum circles, made crystals, and lived in cheap Craigslist shares. Online, he was also the Dread Pirate Roberts, multi-millionaire proprietor of a 21st Century drug empire and the target of a massive federal manhunt.

It is a true crime saga for our digital age, a non-fiction novella in two parts that tells a tale of corrupted ideals and the allure of power, and how easy it is to become lost. The kids at Carl Hayden High School were never expected to succeed.

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Many were poor and the drop out rate was high. The last thing anyone thought they would do was enter the national underwater robotics championship. After all, Carl Hayden didn't even have a swimming pool and their robot team consisted of four immigrant kids with no budget. But they figured they'd give it a try, pitting themselves against the best college engineers in the country.

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MIT would be there, backed by Exxon-Mobil, but these kids didn't know enough to be scared. All they knew was that they had built a damn good robot. Pipino had been robbing the rich for decades, but the Ducale caper upended his life. The police knew he was responsible and gave him 20 days to get the art back.

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On November 7, , something terrible happened to Nadathe Joassaint, a 26 year old Haitian beauty. Somebody called her out of her house and, when she came back in, she collapsed and died. There were no visible wounds. Two months later, a large mob gathered in front of Judge Isaac Etienne's home. They demanded a trial and shoved forward two badly beaten men. Nadathe's mother then leveled one of the few accusations in the criminal code more spectacular than murder:. When a gold mine was robbed and two guards killed, Roy Peterson got hired to track down the loot in Southern Peru.

Problem was, he had two replaced hips and one blind eye. But the former Special Forces operative was sure that one good job could fix everything. Maria was a cop in Lima who had been divorced and sitting at a desk for a decade.

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Then she met Roy. In the rugged mountains of Peru, the two set off to solve the case with the hope that this time, things would be different for both of them. In , the U. Embassy in Iran was overrun by an angry mob. Fifty-two employees were taken hostage, but six Americans escaped and were hiding in Tehran.