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Q: How does a short story first come to you? Each story has a different process. A person engaged in some sort of action. Maybe sipping coffee in a piazza in Venice.

Or a street covered in broken glass after a football match. I lay in bed and just listened to the sounds of the morning from the window above me. Sometimes I get ideas from the news or radio programmes. Something about the amalgamation of the smells in the kitchen and the stuff I listen to on the radio seem to work.

Every writer has a different process. Could you share how you complete a short story? For example, do you know the ending when you start writing or does it evolve during the writing process? Again it is a different process every time. It could be that I know the ending and I work backwards to find the beginning to the story.


It was a matter of figuring out how to lead the story to the beginning. Then I usually just keep going until it finds the natural end. In Buon Anniversario Amore Mio, I wrote about the protagonist through a writing prompt at a workshop I attend every month. I try to attend every month! The prompt was to write about the place — the setting being the focus of the exercise. I set it in Venice, having just returned from a holiday there. The two characters in the story guided me to the ending they wanted.

It was quite surreal, just following their lead.

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I believe you share work within a writing group. Would you recommend this to other writers — how has it helped your own writing?

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Do you mind sharing how your particular group works? As you know, writing can be isolating, and a lot of times the imposter syndrome gets the better of oneself. A writing group has many benefits. There is of course the social aspect. Deadlines are important too. You have a reason to finish that section of writing because you need it ready for the next meeting. I would definitely recommend it.

What Causes Disorientation?

I belong to a Winchester based writing group called the Taverners — because we meet in a cosy pub called the St James Tavern. It is run by Claire Fuller, and there are eleven members. We meet once a month and share a maximum of three thousand words of our work-in-progress a week before the meeting. We read and annotate the feedback on the printouts, and then on the evening we begin with someone. That person reads out a section of their work, and then the others follow with discussion of that work.

Then he or she chooses the first one on their pile and it goes on. And extremely useful. A few of the stories in the collection were discussed in these sessions, and I definitely got some superb feedback which I incorporated into the final versions.

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