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We looked at her possible connection to the Russia investigation.

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More than 13, firefighters at work. More than 2, members of the National Guard called in. There is also the war in Iraq, which started in and continues in a different form over the Syrian border.

More than three million Americans have served in uniform in these wars, and nearly 7, of them have died. Jones and his supporters have complained that he has been deprived of his First Amendment rights.

Free-speech scholars disagree. It now has 2. Tips for a more fulfilling life. Everybody, including nonsubscribers, can benefit from the answers. Ask here. So he and his partner, Lauren Geoghegan, quit their jobs and set off to cycle the globe. The young American couple had a vision of the world. The men who mowed them down in Tajikistan had a starkly different one. Our correspondent tells their tragic but inspiring story. Two Atlanta cooks, Todd Richards and Virginia Willis, have published cookbooks this year that reflect new ways of thinking about Southern food.

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One of our writers talked to them about culture, identity and cuisine. Like, Manafort must have been so mad — but also at the same time, so proud.

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Mikita died on Tuesday at The Office of the Child Advocate, which investigates all child deaths in Connecticut for prevention lessons, released a page report today. Lanza was 20 on Dec.

Boxing Day Party at Al's Tavern

Inside Adam Lanza's Bedroom. The report's authors say they "looked for any warning signs, red flags, or other lessons that could be learned from a review of AL's life," referring to Lanza. AL and his friend talked about multiple topics, including computers, chimp society, human nature, morality, prejudice, and sometimes about his family. AL told his friend that he had a strained relationship with his mother.

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Timeline of Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting. He did tell his friend that mental health issues were not a reflection of the character of a person, but were symptoms of something else going on inside a person," the report said. But in June , Lanza "and his primary acquaintance had a falling out and stopped spending time together," the report said, "after a dispute over a movie. Early in the fourth grade, Lanza left the special education program because he had "met all speech goals," the report states.

During Lanza's early elementary school years, his parents still lived together in the family home in Sandy Hook, but they separated in when Lanza was in the fifth grade. AL began perseverative hand washing, avoiding contact with other people, and becoming increasingly fearful. By fifth grade, AL had written and submitted 'The Big Book of Granny' — a significant and violent text — and following that school year, his struggles began to escalate. Lanza's mother transferred him to a Catholic school for the fourth quarter of seventh grade.


5 Disturbing Things We Learned Today About Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza

According to the teacher's account in the report, he had "very distinct anti-social issues. Access to assault weapons with high capacity magazines did play a major role in this and other mass shootings in recent history. The report states, "[Lanza] and his parents did not appear to seek or participate in any mental health treatment after On Oct. The report details how his parents said that their son was "angry" about having to go to Yale and he refused treatment.

Meanwhile, the report indicates his parents may have had difficulty accepting his disabilities. Lanza, Mr. Lanza would regularly send emails to him asking him how he was doing," the report states.

Manual Confession Time at Als Tavern

The "falling out" may have had to do with Lanza's desire to take college courses at Norwalk Community College, the report states. Lanza actually spoke or emailed reciprocally. Lanza continued to let AL know that he wanted to see him. All rights reserved. Republicans slam Trump's decision on US forces in Syria that puts allies at risk. NBA team manager sets off firestorm with tweet backing Hong Kong protests.