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What makes a mother be the kind of mother that gets murdered by her own blood? Prepared to be fascinated, outraged, and make sure you have someone to discuss this with after it is over. Watch the original and skip the Maria Bello fiasco American network TV tried to shove down our throats a few seasons back. Which is a shame because the 10 episodes available do it all: offer some truly chilling crimes for our heroine to solve, have a great underlying personal mystery that keeps her going, and villains both far and near to her that are worth the slow burn. While the third season feels a little stale, the first two were amazing.

Gillian Anderson does a great job of creating yet another iconic detective that, if this show takes off after first season and it should , will maybe help us all not think of her as Agent Dana Scully 4ever. Set in Northern Ireland, it follows her as Stella Gibson, trying to track down a murderer and stalker of women before time runs out. The interesting turn here is that we meet the killer as soon as we meet Stella, and while his identity never being in question at least to the viewer could have been a downfall of the show, the cat-and-mouse dynamic that emerges from it is palpably nail-biting.

Fast talking, hilarious and very non-nonsense, she is one of those characters you wish existed on every show. The six episode arc of Final Season 4 was produced exclusively for Netflix. Feel like no crime could surprise you these days? The dynamic between the two seemingly mismatched leads is amazing too. Fourth movie just premiered in Europe, so fingers crossed it is coming our way shortly.

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Inspired by the work of Jon Douglas, David Fincher, who brought us Se7en , Gone Girl , Zodiac and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo knows a thing or two about building tension, and with the series structure he is allowed to spread his wings a little more than with motion picture format restrictions. The Night Of: John Turturro should win one of those Academy Awards for people who did something good enough to win an Oscar but not in a category that qualifies them for one. Goliath: Billy Bob Thornton won a Globe for his role in this and it is well deserved.

A classic little guy vs.


Brilliant, beautiful, and with a genuinely evil glint in her eye, her sparring with Luther walks the thin line between danger and flirtation, as something reminiscent of a friendship emerges. You have to see it to believe it. And then probably re-see it. Much like Wind River , Cardinal is not perfect, but there is plenty of atmosphere and internal turmoil to go around, especially as the complicated relationship between Cardinal and his new partner Detective Delorme, is unspooled. The show just got renewed for two more mini season each is a six episode arc so look forward to more murder and feelings in Canada.

Available on: Hulu, Youtube, Google Play. River is about interpersonal relations and declining mental health as much as it is about the cases at hand, and Morgan has an ear for dialogue and truly stands by our unreliable narrator in a way that feels very real and therefore more gutwrenching. Only six episodes, so savor it. But the first episode of season 1 takes you by the jugular within the first five minutes and does not let go. In fact, I am still shuddering just thinking about it. The shocks subside as episodes pass, but a very solid offering throughout.

GEORGE GENTLY -In the s, an old-school detective is paired with a potentially shady new partner and has to come to terms with the fact that the lines between the police and the criminals have tentatively been blurred. The novels were terrific and it only seemed natural that a mini-series series was in order. Jason Isaacs is great as Brodie, and while the plot lines never really reach the literary heights Atkinson set us up for, it is still a noble contribution to the genre.

One Deadly Sister A Women Sleuths Mystery Sandy Reid Mystery Series Book 1

Read the books though. Olivia Colman confirms her international treasure status as his partner. Second season was underrated and the third and final season is available now. Over 33 episodes, he solves some seriously grisly crimes in Oxford, a city he once denounced after university, and for whose academic residents he harbors a healthy mix of complete disdain and occasional reverence.

Since Morse is pretty hard to handle by himself, the viewer was handed the smart but affable Inspector Lewis as his sidekick, who later got a show of his own which I personally prefer to Morse and a young, intellectual, tortured partner all his own. Tony Hill a psychologist who finds himself entangled in some seriously gruesome crimes and even more gruesome people behind them.

There are six seasons and the first episode of season 1 perfectly sets the tone for just how unsavory these crimes are going to be. The fact that Dr. Branagh has a certain kind of water colored torture permanently imprinted on his face that makes him perfect for the recently divorced, very sad, yet emotionally disconnected detective he plays. The crimes are typically Scandinavian meaning decidedly more creepy than your standard American fare and the villains a little more desperate than usual, but the cinematography is GORGEOUS, Branagh obviously a very intelligent actor and the sum of all parts makes for a good rainy afternoon with a hot toddy viewing.

Season 2 deals with the Brothers Kray, and season 3 is less focused on obvious sensationalist cold cases and therefore, to me, the most effective. A second season is rumored, with a brand new, as-yet-unknown case. It is breezy fare, and the mysteries are not anywhere as challenging as those solved by the Sherlocks of the world but it is done well and harkens back to a simpler time where murders were solved in libraries and green fields, instead of torture chambers and such.

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If you like the two leads and enjoy your mysteries grittier — we recommend checking out Norton in Happy Valley and Green in the new classic Wire in the Blood. Bonus: Miss Fisher is played by Essie Davis who is uncannily reminiscent of a young Diana Rigg, a fact that should not be lost of at least some of the men reading this I hope. It sounds hokey, but it is truly dark, wonderfully acted, and heartbreaking from a certain feminist standpoint too. Sandy finds herself questioning his faithfulness at the same time she's deciding whether to go too far with an FBI agent with movie-star looks who won't take no for an answer.

Sandy's suspenseful search for the killer leads her away from her quiet Florida ocean side town and down to the tropical palms along Biscayne Bay, and the steamy streets of Miami that are dark with something more than the night in this romance-splashed mystery. Each book in this fast-paced women sleuths mysteries series is a stand-alone novel following the exciting adventures of Sandy Reid.

Create Widget. About Rod Hoisington. Learn more about Rod Hoisington. About the Series: Sandy Reid Mysteries. The novels in the Sandy Reid Mystery Romance series are fast-paced mysteries with a span of troubled romance; written in a compelling soft-boiled style you'll find enjoyable if you're tired of the usual formula mysteries. It will get suspenseful along the way, but eventually the female protagonist will get all the puzzle pieces put together, will restore order and we'll all be safe once again.

There was a mass movement to the north by many residents of eastern Kentucky during and following WW II seeking the industrial Search car dealerships in Ashland, KY, read dealer reviews, view inventory, find contact information or contact a dealer directly on Cars. WhoDunnit shows are original, lively and thoroughly entertaining, as well as a mystery lover's dream!

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Clues are cleverly included in the scripted action, and in between scenes as the audience enjoys a fine meal the actors mingle with the audience in character, allowing guests to ask questions and get more clues. But with this one moment of shock and grief, all our innocence died.

Catlettsburg Cemetery Records. Louisville: The largest city in Kentucky and the 28th most populous city in the Skyline Dr, Ashland, KY is a single family home that contains 2, sq ft and was built in This free application includes basic mapping, dashboards and analytics.

Show Results on Map. Find the top 10 safest places to live in KY. KY ca. The city population was 1, at the census. Here at Kentucky Sports Radio, we love all of our Friday remote radio shows and all of the businesses around Kentucky that sponsor them. American Community Survey separates various ethnicities depending on the area's population of persons from less than 5 years of age to 85 years old and over.

Sandy Reid Mysteries Series by Rod Hoisington

State Police were called to the scene on Fairway Drive in Ashland just before 3 a. Bluegrass Inn Ashland, Kentucky Gibbons, was still not present. Zuetta Boyd, 72, of Owensboro, passed away Sunday, September 8, at her home. Many who visit our website simply wish to view an obituary or online tribute. In the early s, four construction workers from Boyd Theater Company in Cincinnati, Ohio were working on a project inside the auditorium.

Search Ashland County public records using the resource links provided below. In the past, James has also been known as James W Fraley. Floyd County Times - Online! But Calabrese, whisked away to a federal prison in Ashland, Ky. Kentucky serial killers are rare, leading to a low record for most murders by a serial killer in the state, but frequent.

Gun-related tragedy revisted the clan in Ashland Daily Independent archives, July 14, It sat along the banks of the Ohio river, and most would consider it average. Very light blue orbs about the size of a softball feeling of dread and hair stay raised up whole time in the rooms and I was scratched 3 finger nail scratches down my back that were not deep but very bright red and burned a One Family, One Judge, One Court.

The deadly shooting happened on Now, if you will remember, this was and this was Ashland, a sleepy little backward town in Kentucky where nothing ever happened, at least that's what all of us believed.


Churches and individuals have rallied around the toddler with the special smile by praying for her. Every state has unsolved mysteries, but in most cases they tend to be missing persons or murder. These cases are considered our highest priority investigations. By Chris Dovi. When a drunk driver in a truck struck them.