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Bring your camera or binoculars and take in the beauty of these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat. Children will gleefully relish considering the lavatory systems of the Romans, which were very sophisticated. This sprawling country estate in Norfolk has much to recommend it. Children will want to explore the treehouse in the sky, accessed by high walkways and rope ladders but the bespoke scaled model of a combine harvester will win the day in terms of interest given that it boasts a slide, tunnels and a driving seat.

While the science and geology behind the causeway can be explored by any visitor, children will be fascinated by the legend of Finn McCool, the giant whose wrath is behind the site! One of the most popular parts of any visit to the causeway is surely the Wishing Chair, a naturally evolved throne, so frequently sat on it has become exceedingly comfortable! The latter deserves special mention, not least because if the man hours put into creating this were totted up it would come to 74 years!

Beautiful and dramatic, these falls are famous for their beauty. The wildlife is pretty special. Look out for badgers, otters and bats. Bird watching is pretty epic here, too; over species have been spotted. At Beamish, visitors literally step back in time, arriving in the past. The acre space contains villages, towns, farms, collieries and buildings from different historical eras all of which detail life in north east England. We have to give a special nod to the s farm where a truly enormous pig is more than happy to say hello to adoring fans.

You can walk around Beamish or hop on the tram which dates back to Dedicated to all things London — there is something to delight everyone here. There are a range of permanent exhibitions covering various eras including Roman London and the Great Fire — as well as collections of more modern items from recent history including a wealth of toys.

Expect to be wowed — especially given that the exhibition features talking animals. This open-air gallery dedicated to sculpture is a truly special place. Inside there are galleries with changing exhibitions. This is a rare gem of something grownup, highbrow and cultured that small children will absolutely love. Adults with a passion for the bard and history are in for a treat, meanwhile little ones can roam the beautifully-kept gardens.

Children will be thrilled to discover that they are in the same place once visited by famous kings, queens and the occasional pirate. Dedicated to the wonder of imagery, this brilliant museum in Edinburgh is the perfect rainy day destination. The camera obscura is a pinhole camera — a Victorian invention of great wonder.

Visitors will be able to enter the viewing chamber here where a metal tube, a hole in the roof, a tiny window and a mirror will join forces to project a shot of Edinburgh onto a table.

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There are a whole host of other illusory treats on offer — to be precise. As the name suggests, this pocket of woodland is home to some free-ranging monkeys. Visitors can walk the pathway through the forest observing Barbary macaques live as they would in the wild.

A real-life chocolate factory? Who could resist? You can learn traditional chocolate making techniques as a family — and of course treat yourself liberally! Longleat, a magnificent Elizabethan stately home, gardens and estate, is also where a selection of lions, elephants and other animals dwell; it was the first safari park in the world outside of Africa in You can either drive your own car beware the windscreen-wiper obsessed monkeys or book a VIP safari truck which is driven by a ranger who will not only give you the expert low down on the animals but accompany you off the beaten track, allowing you to get even closer.

The whole family will be delighted. Where better to introduce your kids to the joy of cooking than the original River Cottage, on the border which divides Devon and Dorset?

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Once the fledgling chefs have finished, families will enjoy a meal together. Home to over animals including arctic foxes, red pandas and amur tigers, this park in the west of the Cairngorms National Park is a real treat for animal lovers. There are no fewer than 14 obstacles that a potential attacker would have had to overcome in order to access the castle, including a wide and murky moat. A real imagination enhancing place. Families passionate about the great outdoors will be in heaven at Carrowmena Activity Centre. From classic pursuits like canoeing or archery to more niche pastimes such as crate stacking and raft building, we defy anyone to not engage with all of the adrenaline and excitement.

There are a bunch of different family packages available to suit different ages and abilities. The pigs leap at speed over miniature fences to secure victory in their races, while in the yoga classes goats roam free. Youngsters can collect eggs, feed pets and even plant seeds in their very own pot to take home and watch grow. In the heart of the Yorkshire Dales lies Bolton Castle, a 14th century fortress which is partially in ruin although almost all of it is fully accessible to visitors.

Young visitors will especially enjoy the maze outside. These days, it has retained its natural beauty but now includes cable cars which carry people up to the summit of Masson Hill to take in vistas across the Peak District. However, anyone energetic and game enough can follow the original winding paths to the top. Boasting five acres covered in lavender, this lovely spot not only looks dazzling but smells divine too. As well as the natural beauty to admire there is plenty for families to enjoy, namely a huge willow maze which continues to grow.

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Within the maze a number of giant games are hidden including Jenga, Limbo and Chess. This place is the definition of hidden gem. Seahorses, jelly fish and conger eels will jostle for your attention here at this fabulous aquarium boasting over 40 tanks which allow visitors to get up close and personal with all sorts of sea creatures. We love that you can even pick your own pearl — and watch as it is removed from the oyster and cleaned.

Older children and adults can learn about the conservation efforts made by the zoo to protect marine life. Keep your eyes peeled for puffins and guillemots. The island itself offers walking tours and cycle hire. A dramatic, beautiful place that promises a day for the whole family to be at one with nature in all of its wild glory.

This geopark takes visitors back million years into a natural underground network of caves where passages weave and wind, passing rivers and waterfalls. This underworld is beautiful and eerie — a brilliant cross section of geology, science and history just waiting to be explored. You can explore forests or reach mountain summits to survey extraordinary vistas.

The island is dominated by a castle which perches dramatically on rocks. The site of the Olympics, this park is a lovely open space where families can make a day of it, for free. On hot days the fountain, with just short of jets of water, will be your new best friend.


This glorious eco-friendly park has pretty much everything a family needs to have a day of action packed fun. Surfing can only be done in the sea, right? The Wave is lagoon which generates artificial waves and gives anyone — from children and complete beginners through to accomplished surfers — the opportunity to ride a few waves, whatever the weather.

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Your experience can last an hour, a day or even longer depending on how you feel. A thrilling dose of the great outdoors, due to open in Autumn Parents can observe from afar, but not get involved. Instead they can go and put their feet up in an adults only sitting area and wait for their little ones to finish work!

Booklist 's Ilene Cooper praised Stanley's presentation of events in the book, saying, "The story of Saladin battling his way back to Jerusalem is complicated and filled with blood and intrigue, and Stanley tells it vigorously. Lothrop praised Stanley's creation of multidimensional characters, who are neither all-good nor all-bad. Cooper considered the illustrations in Saladin to be some of Stanley's best, and "that speaks volumes" she remarked. Lothrop noted that "the beauty and sophistication of Islamic culture shine through Stanley's glorious pictures.

Stanley puts a modern twist on a popular fairly tale in Goldie and the Three Bears. She has definite likes and dislikes about food, clothes, and even friends," explained Cooper in Booklist. In Stanley's book, Goldie is a lonely girl who gets off at the wrong bus stop. While searching for a phone to call her mother, she wanders into the Bears' house, a move Cooper felt will invite much criticism from "militants of various stripes.

Despite this one potential flaw in the book, however, most critics praised Stanley's remake of the tale. The same reviewer concluded that the book is an "appealing take on the character of Goldilocks and on her escapade. Stanley teamed up with illustrator C.


Brian Karas to create Saving Sweetness and Raising Sweetness, in which a clumsy-but-kind sheriff adopts Sweetness and her seven fellow orphans and then struggles to properly raise them. Sump, the sheriff clearly has his heart in the right place," noted Roger Sutton in Horn Book. Sutton also pointed out, Raising Sweetness "answers Diane Stanley's pitch-perfect narrative drawl with G.