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Wow, that's it? Sounds like another time stink, that is about the only thing blizzard knows about these days. Comment by aurabeedit Ok, which Dev had the idea to give race specific mounts to the opposite faction? Wheres the faction pride? Comment by orca ok this looks cool..

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Comment by Fronsis I'm curious about why the frigthened kodo isn't listed in this guide but it's currently in-game If i were to take a guess the kodo rare it's probably running around forest area but haven't found him yet. Comment by Velianaris so dumb question If you did not do the final part of the darkshore questline PRE BFA for war of thorns it should not mess with what rares you have access to over in Darkshore yea?

Cause some of the rares going to where the markers were and they were not even up or spawned Comment by adam Great guide for finding the rares but the list of drops seems to be a bit outdated from what actually went live today. No Kodo rare or mount to be found, Athil Dewfire drops a pet not listed here, One potential pet drops as an egg with a 5 day duration before opening. Obviously I haven't killed enough rares to get all the drops but those are a few that are incorrect currently that I can confirm. Comment by Gregoreee found Amberclaw at cords 57, Above on the first map this spawn is identified as Glrglrr.

Comment by aznballer is there any tomtom addon that can add colors like the map in this rare guide. Arathi didn't do that. Comment by bleuwolfe Just got an armor drop looks like it was part of the linked mail armor set item level not the blue gear in the link. Comment by Panthrax Croz Bloodrage is bugged. He just kneels there unattackable. Smooth sailing not at exactly I was not sure when I started this book if I would like it. But as I read it became apparent that this was going to be an adventure yarn and was it. The main character is a bit different from my usual seafaring captains, but that was alright.

The War of the Darkshore XVII

What I was impressed with was this was set in a turbulent period in the Caribbean sea after the slave revolt on Haiti. How historically accurate it is hard to say, but some of it has a sense of being true in that this was a turb Smooth sailing not at exactly I was not sure when I started this book if I would like it.

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How historically accurate it is hard to say, but some of it has a sense of being true in that this was a turbulent period in this era of the end of the slave plantations in the area. If you like stories of the sea in the early nineteenth century then try this book as you will be drawn like I was. May 10, Kay rated it liked it. This story flowed smoothly enough that it took me a while to realize this is the 3rd book of series.

The dashing captain Matthew provides plenty of escapist adventures both on island shores and his ship as he takes on a pretentious, preening British officer; a beautiful, flirty young daughter of the actin governor; and blood thirsty oppressed rebels who have more than a good reason to assist uprisings It's a quick read with lots of action offering entertainment This story flowed smoothly enough that it took me a while to realize this is the 3rd book of series. It's a quick read with lots of action offering entertainment. Nov 29, Linda rated it really liked it.

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    David James Gilbert rated it it was amazing Sep 04, David Malo rated it liked it Sep 17, Christopher Owen rated it it was amazing Sep 02, Betty Rhodes rated it it was amazing Nov 02, Saiful Rifat rated it it was amazing Sep 13, Simon Griffiths rated it really liked it Nov 30, Carol J.

    Timmerman rated it really liked it Apr 05, Dave Findlay rated it it was amazing Nov 02, Arthur John Lee rated it it was amazing Sep 24, John Bailey rated it did not like it Nov 21, Don Pardo rated it it was amazing Feb 26, Nooilforpacifists rated it really liked it Mar 23, Michael Brian rated it liked it Jan 15, David Braid rated it liked it Dec 09, Pretty weak, but there it is. Delaryn's is more interesting to think about, though. In Warcraft people who die go to the Void and get tortured for eternity unless a higher power Elune, the Light, the Other Side, loa, what have you has dibs on their soul.

    As she was dying Delaryn cursed Elune for, in her mind, abandoning the night elves to die.

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    Because of that, she went to the Void where her feeling of abandonment and bitterness grew as she languished in constant torture for a while. Then, when she was raised into undeath it was magnified most undead feel only rage and hate, with an added desire to destroy life , and now the target of her ire is the person that seemingly abandoned Teldrassil to burn and who also represents the goddess that let it happen - Tyrande. But then again, probably not. It makes sense she's mad at Tyrande, but not all the remaining night elves. Amazing sig, done by mighty Lokann.

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    Originally Posted by Coconut. You do know that quest is mirrored for each faction, right?

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    Horde-side, Greymane is the one whose health drops and each time it's the player doing all the damage, those two are both wet noodles on their own. Originally Posted by derpkitteh. All of that doesn't matter if she's not collecting the heads of Horde leaders and leaving entire Horde towns bathed in gore in her wake. His bones would be hurting forever and no amount of hugboxing with Baine would fix it.

    He's actually worried about civilian casualties when his counterpart in the Horde revels in it.

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    You can't win that kind of war without being willing to leave mushroom clouds over the cities of those who'd do it to you if given the chance as demonstrated by their actions before hand: near total eradication of a single race. You overestimate her Warcraft III abilities. Yes, starfall was very effective against huge armies of weak minions, especially if she was protected or held a choke point like that bridge in the TFT campaign , but it was essentially a channeled AoE effect, not effective at all in a fight with another hero.

    Her other abilities were for scouting and support, not that fantastic in single combat.